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Morcela com Ananás

This dish, which can be served as a starter, combines the pineapple of the Azores with the black pudding (delicacy of the Portuguese cuisine). The Morcela com Ananás dish is therefore a bittersweet combination that delights anyone who visits our islands.

▪ 4 Rodelas de Ananás com a Casca
▪ 1 dl de Azeite
▪ 1 Black Pudding
▪ Pão
▪ Sal q.b.
▪ Pimenta q.b.
▪ 2 Dentes de Alho

1. Cut the bread into pieces and toast them.
2. Cut the peel around each pineapple slice, set aside and remove the lump from the slices.
3. Cut each slice of the slice and bring them to blush in the olive oil.
4. Add the cut black pudding to large pieces.
5. Season with salt, pepper, and chopped garlic.
6. Arrange the black pudding on top of the pineapple.
7. Serve the black pudding and the pineapple with the bread toast that was initially roasted.

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