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Flights São Miguel

The Flights to Azores are carried out by several companies, including Azores Airlines, TAP Portugal, Delta, TUI Fly, and Ryanair.

If you come from EuropeAzores Airlines, TAP Portugal, TUI Fly, and Ryanair fly several different days to the Azores, and if you come from the United States and/or Canada Azores Airlines and Delta are the airlines which carry out the flights to these islands.

If your goal is to make the trip in a low-cost companythe possible destinations are only São Miguel and Terceira.

If your final destination is São Miguel island, the range of companies flying to this island is the largest and in addition to that, there are direct flights to this island.

If you wish, once you are on São Miguel island you can travel to other islands of the archipelago in a very simple way, through Sata Air Azores flights.

It should be noted that anyone can take advantage of the inter-island routes made by the company in the region (to know more about this click here).

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