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Cozido das Furnas is one of the most emblematic and typical dishes of São Miguel Island. All the ingredients are placed in a pan, which is placed and buried in the ground next to the Furnas boilers, and its average cooking time is five hours.

▪ 1 kg Beef
▪ 500 grams of Pork (Leg)
▪ 1 Frango
▪ 125 grams of bacon
▪ 2 Spicy chorizo
▪ 1 "Farinheira"(Portuguese Smoked Sausage)
▪ 1 Black Pudding
▪ 12 Average English Potato
▪ 6 Medium Sweet Potato (Split in Half)
▪ 1 and a half Cabbages
▪ 3 Carrots
▪ 2 Yams (Optional)
▪ Half a Kale
▪ Salt to taste

1. Cut the meats and chickens into pieces.
2. Cut the cabbages in 4 parts.
3. Peel the carrots and cut them from top to bottom.
4. Cut sweet potatoes and yams into halves.
5. Place the cabbage pieces in the bottom of an aluminum pan.
6. Place a little of all the ingredients in layers, except the black pudding and the "farinheiras". At each layer, you can add a little beet of salt.
7. On top of the last layer lay the cabbage leaves, completely lining the preparation
8. Put, one top of the cabbage leaves, to seal all the layers, the "farinheiras" and the black pudding, well conditioned with the cabbage leaves, to avoid that they end undone.
9. Put the saucepan in a burlap bag, tied with a long rope. To insert the pot into the boiler, do not forget to first contact the Municipality Services of Povoação to reserve a pit by calling this number: 926 381 798.
10. When the stew is ready, before serving, don't use the cabbage leaves. Serve the vegetables on a platter and the meats in another.

Nota: Do not put water in the pan! When you open it after 6 hours of cooking, you will be surprised to find it filled with water. This happens because the ingredients will naturally release their waters, over 6 hours, mixing themselves and giving the flavor that's characteristic to this typical dish of the São Miguel island.

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