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Parasailing São Miguel

For those that always dream of taking their feet off the ground, they have, in the center of the Atlantic, the promise and fulfillment of a dream that shrinks in the clouds, flying over lagoons, forests, beaches as well as over black and green slopes, landing in eternal memories.

In São Miguel, you have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous take-off and landing spots of sweeping take-offs and landings. Paragliding Mag even considered the flight over the crater of the Sete Cidades one of the 60 best places for flight in Europe..

The Parasailing Festival of the Azores, which takes place annually in August, on the São Miguel island, is considered by cross countryone of the eight best Parasailing Festivals in Europe..

Due to the very unique meteorology of the region, summer is the season that is the most advised to practice, especially for those who want to make their first flight.

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