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Speleology São Miguel

The sea shuddered and the earth appeared.

The Atlantic Middle Crest is crowned by numerous submarine lava mountains that are home to more than 200 fabulous and unique combinations of caves, algae, slits and lava tubes known and, to their luck, many of them visitable.

Only in Pico are 112 volcanic cavities, followed by Terceira, São Miguel, São Jorge, and Graciosa. Of note are the "algares" (natural caves) of São Jorge (Algar do Morro Pelado and the Bocas do Fogo) and Terceira (Algar do Carvão).

At the level of lava tubes, stands the Grotto of the Towers (Pico), the Cave of the Balconies and Grotto of Natal (Terceira) and the Grotto of the Coal (San Miguel) - not recommended to claustrophobic. To mention still in Graciosa the beautiful Furna do Enxofre, with a lake in its interior.

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