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Ribeira Grande, Avenida Filarmónica Lira do Norte, 38 | 9600-097 Rabo De Peixe – Ilha de São Miguel
(+351) 296 098 869 | geral@ochocolatinho.pt | Visitar Website

Chocolatinho is a chocolate factory that also presents its own regional brand of chocolates, Alves Devine. Since 2013, they have developed handcrafted products such as chocolates, truffles, and many other products from the famous Belgian chocolate, all with flavors typical of the Azores. Chocolatinho bets on the enhancement of innovation, as well as on what is from the Azorean, presenting as a final product a different regional result.

3€ – 45€

Café & Confeitaria

Todos os dias das 10:00 às 22:00





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