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The Azorean population has always had a connection very close to the liquor: be it for the quality of the soilswhich enhance the production of wine, or for the simple reason of being the ideal excuse to join the group of friends.

When we talk about Liqueurs produced in the Azores, we are talking about 100% national, natural and homemade products, based on alcohol and water. The flavors can come from herbs, spices, seeds, roots and fruits, among other natural raw materials, from the Azorean soil. This drink is aged in oak casks for a period of two yearsso that it reaches the ideal flavor.

The liqueurs of Cooperativa Celeiro da Terra are certified products by the Azores Brand, which are highlighted and chosen. This Private Institution of Social Solidarity was founded in 1998, in the municipality of Povoação, with the objective of promoting access to training and professional integration, supporting the work of local artisans and producers, as well as selling artisanal products.

Celeiro da Terra elaborates the products with local raw material and in an artisanal way, giving the unique flavor originating from the Azorean roots.

Taking into account the diversity of flavors available, you can choose in our store between: Tea Liqueur (0.05L), Pineapple Liqueur (0.5L/0.05L), Passion Fruit Liqueur (0.5L/0.05L) and Milk Liqueur (0.5L/0.05L). You can also find a pack consisting of four 0.05L liqueurs of flavors such as: pineapple, cinnamon, coffee and tangerine.

Liqueurs awarded in the National Competition of Conventual and Traditional Portuguese Liqueurs

  • Tangerine liqueurGold 2016;
  • Liqueur of MilkSilver 2017;
  • Coffee LiqueurGold 2018
  • Tea LiqueurGold 2020

Visit us and keep in mind the flavor of Heritage, passed down between generations, of the Azores Liqueurs.

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