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Thermalism & SPA São Miguel

The Azores have been referenced since the 16th century for their hydrothermal resources with therapeutic properties, affirming themselves today as a destination of excellence with regard of Health and Well-being, in communion with a natural landscape that heals misty eyes invaded by pollution and renews numbed lungs with each breath.

It’s worth to point out the Termas do Carapacho, in Graciosa, and the Termas da Ferraria, in São Miguel, where the medicinal and SPA treatments only added value to what nature already offered: the thermal water of the sea rich in healing properties, fed by the springs of volcanic life that spring from the earth’s interior.

We can not fail to mention the pools of the famous iron waters of Furnas (São Miguel), that are a true natural SPA.

Parque Terra Nostra

Phone Number (+351) 912 513 906
Location: Largo Marquês da Praia e Monfort, 9675-061 Furnas

Poça da Dona Beija

Phone Number (+351) 296 584 256
Location: Lomba Das Barracas 1, Furnas

Termas da Ferraria

Phone Number (+351) 296 295 669
Location: Rua Ilha Sabrina, Ginetes, 9555-102 Ginetes

Termas das Caldeiras

Phone Number (+351) 296 098 711
Location: Caldeiras, Ribeira Grande

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