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São Jorge Public Transportation

If you like to go on an adventurous adventure without even a time to go back, public transport is a good option. Buses (on all islands) and minibusses (in the center of Ponta Delgada in São Miguel) are one of the many ways to get around our islands and make anyone's adventurous spirit stand out. There is a bus network that connects the urban centers, but this is not always the best option for spending a lot of time and because it is not possible to visit many of the emblematic landscapes through bus and coach travel. It should be noted that the larger the island, the more frequent buses are, but the number and regularity of trips and buses decrease in smaller places with fewer people. Using buses as a means of transport in the Azores becomes a bit difficult and limiting because the circuits are not always simple and viable, and the times are sometimes not reliable. However, this type of travel is not impossible, on the contrary, all its limitations allow a greater contact with the local and the customs of the island.

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