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Diving & Snorkeling São Jorge

Diving in the Atlantic Ocean is like entering a magical dream. From the bottle or the mask, the memorable experience is guaranteed. Start exploring underwater hot springs, innumerable caves, and seamounts, or head to the BBC Wildlife while swimming nearby, blue sharks or whale sharks. And why not visit a museum? Between the Slavonia Underwater Archaeological Park (Flores), the Terceirense Shipwreck (Graciosa), the Archaeological Park of Baía de Angra Heroísmo (Terceira) or the Shipwreck Dori (São Miguel), the choice is not easy. Warning: It will be hard to get back on the surface! The summer months are the best for diving because of factors such as weather, depth of visibility and the possibility of finding more species, about 600 possible to observe, to accompany you in the adventure.

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