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A rainy day in São Miguel

Talking about the weather in the Azores can be used for sleeves, and some say that the four seasons of the year are felt here in a single day. But who said that rainy days are not as pleasant as sunny days?
Don't be fooled, the island of São Miguel, tiny in its size, with just 744.6 square kilometers, has a lot to offer on days when time is not exactly on our side. Therefore, we show you the ideal places for you to enjoy our paradise on earth.

Arriving in our sweet city of Ponta Delgada, discover the cultural points that have always been part of being São Miguel: visit the Convent of Our Lady of Hope (1), located in Campo de São Francisco, where the Sanctuary of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres is located, which is one of the most important treasures of sacred art in the country;

the imposing Fort of São Brás (2), also known as Castelo de São Brás, considered an important monument of architecture of the 16th century; the goth and manueline Main Church of São Sebastião (3);

Carlos Machado Regional Museum (4), the oldest museum in the archipelago, which disseminates the culture and identity of the Azorean people.

But don't forget that even in the rain you can get to know the City Gates (5) and, in the process, eat a hot dog. These are not just any hot dogs, they are “Maurício's dogs”, made by Maurício and his brother, Eusébio. One of the secrets of the “Mauricio puppies” is the speed with which they serve their customers, and the quality of the ingredients and the enormous friendliness make their dog cart the most frequented in the city.

Since you are here, we couldn't help but invite you to discover our Azores Lovers store and take the opportunity to buy the most authentic souvenirs on the island.

If you prefer a restaurant, A Tasca is a space in a relaxed atmosphere and offers a variety of snacks and regional dishes to eat and cry for more. Here you can accompany your food with a good glass of wine, to the sound of music and you can also enjoy art exhibitions or read.

Then take a ride on our tourist train, The Caterpillar (6), which will take you to discover the nooks and crannies of Ponta Delgada. stop at Market of Grace (7) and delight in the aromas of our fresh fruits and regional products and, right next door, enter the The King of Cheeses store (8), where you can taste the good cheeses produced on our islands.

If you want to explore places outside the historic city center, visit the Augusto Arruda Pineapple Greenhouse (9), in the parish of Fajã de Baixo and taste the best and juiciest pineapple on the island of São Miguel and/or other products, such as pineapple liqueur, handcrafted with an old family recipe, in which other essences or enhancers are not used. aroma, remaining faithful to the true flavor of this appetizing fruit.

If you choose to venture out, schedule a visit to Coal Grotto (10), designated as “Picos Volcanic Complex” and discover the interior of our Island, through a guided tour, discover and walk through the tunnels excavated by the lava of our volcanoes and admire the geological beauty of this phenomenon.

If you prefer and/or if you still have some time, get to know the north coast of the island of São Miguel, more specifically the municipality of Ribeira Grande. Here visit the little Church of the Holy Spirit (11) which, built in the 16th century, was the first church and hospital of Misericórdia in the city of Ribeira Grande and is characterized by its simple and humble interior; go up the street, turn left and find the Church of Our Lady of the Star (12), built in the 15th century and located on a high with a privileged view.

Take a break, meet the Ribeira Grande Municipal Market (13) and take the opportunity to taste the famous chicken wings with spicy sauce served, with great hospitality, by Senhor Miguel. Don't forget to ask for a Kima to accompany.

If you prefer, on the same street, eat at Restaurante Farias, one of the most traditional restaurants in the city, well known for its homemade dishes, in particular, for its stewed meat, which you are sure to try.

Also, in our beautiful municipality of Ribeira Grande, visit the Woman in Capote Liquor Factory (14) whether or not you are a lover of alcoholic beverages and enjoy a whole range of natural fruit liqueurs, brandies and other products;

o Archipelago – Center for Contemporary Arts (15), built in 2015, which brings together a variety of artistic areas, sought to place the Azores archipelago at the center of the exchange of people and cultures;

Azorean Emigration Museum (16), installed since 2005, a space that gathers the testimonies of Azorean families who emigrated to various countries, aims to inform visitors about the reasons that led to the departure of these families from the region.

Visit the spas at Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande (17) which, in existence since 1811, are the oldest in the Azores. In this space, recently renovated, you can enjoy massages, in which volcanic mud is used, and a hot thermal bath, inside the establishment or in the outdoor swimming pool, where the surrounding landscape is paradisiacal.

Also on the north side of our island, discover the oldest tea plantation in Europe, the Gorrean Tea Factory (18) which, since 1883, has been producing high quality tea. Here you can see all the old machinery and tea production process until its commercialization status. At the end of the guided tour, you can taste teas and other products, such as typical sweets and liqueurs.

Also visit the Porto Formoso Tea Factory (19), which recreates, every year, the tea harvest, in which participants pick tea leaves by hand, wear old-fashioned clothes and bring typical food, in their wicker baskets, to share at mealtime.

If you are looking to go a little further and do something less conventional on a rainy day, head to the municipality of Povoação, the parish of Furnas and relax in the thermal waters of the Terra Nostra Park (20) and believe that you will not feel cold.

Its waters are around 35 and 40 degrees Celsius and provide a unique feeling of rest and tranquility. This park is not the only place with naturally hot water in Furnas;

another option is the Puddle of Dona Beija (21), whose temperature in its thermal pools is around 37 degrees Celsius. These iron waters are very beneficial for the health of those who bathe in them, due to their therapeutic properties that help and treat various diseases.

Take the opportunity and, before leaving Furnas, buy some cakes to take on the trip to the west end of São Miguel Island, where you can visit the Ferraria Thermal Spa (22), in the parish of Ginetes. Here you can bathe in heated pools, supplied by volcanic thermal springs and enjoy various relaxation treatments.

If you have the opportunity to return to Ponta da Ferraria on a day when the weather is better, you will find yourself surrounded by a lava fajã with thermal waters and natural pools. Unlike the iron waters of Furnas, at Ferraria you can bathe in hot thermal water in the middle of the ocean, whose water has had therapeutic properties since the 16th century.

Set out to discover Ilha Verde and let yourself fall in love, because rainy days also have their magic.

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