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Abel's House

Lagoa, Rua Largo do Barracão, 1 | 9560-226 Água De Pau – Ilha de São Miguel
(+351) 296 913 954 | Visitar Website

This space has a history in the commercial area that goes back to the year 1887, where it began as a grocery store that served the population of Agua de Pau. The "Casa do Abel" menu offers 2 distinct gastronomic aspects: "Here there is Armando" a menu of pizzas, hamburgers, "bifanas" and potato chips, with typical expressions from São Miguel and a second menu the "Casa da Abel", whose main courses are: Selection of 100% Azorean grilled meats and cod "The faithful friend".

8€ – 19€

Carnes Grelhadas

Todos os dias d0 12:00 às 21:30





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