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For Love Comes And For Love Stays


I was born in the small village of Donfins do Jarmelo in Guarda district in 1986. .
My passion for gymnastics began in 1998 and I have practised various types: acrobatic, artistic and rhythmic.
Currently I practice aerobics at the Clube de Atividades Gímnicas de Ponta Delgada.
In 2010 I finished my Masters in Medicine at the University of Beira Interior and I belonged to a gymnastics group called "Quarteto Fantástico" which performed in the Beiras area.

It was in this year that I met my husband Marco Martins, whom I married in 2015.
I attended the common year in Viseu and in 2012 I came to São Miguel island to do my internship in General Practice and Family Medicine.
I am currently a family doctor at the Health Centre of Ponta Delgada.

At the end of 2011, my husband came to São Miguel for professional reasons and I followed him without even thinking. This adventure, that would only last a few months, counts already with several years..

But why?
Because here we can start the day exploring one of the many walking paths in the middle of the Laurissilva Forest and refreshing ourselves in the beautiful lagoons and waterfalls that this island gifts us with. We can have a delicious fish soup, a succulent beef steak and finish with a regional sweet.

In the afternoon, we can choose the sea for various water sports (surf, SUP - Stand Up Paddle or canoeing) or if it is cooler outside, warm your body in one of the several natural outdoor SPAs with water at around 40ºC, and warm the soul with green or black tea picked up from the only tea plantations in Europe.

At dinner, we have the opportunity to choose freshly caught fish followed by a slice of pineapple or a regional liqueur.

Apart from the pleasures that only this region offers, we both have been able to keep up with our sports of choice, from gymnastics to ballroom dancing and until now a new cycling team founded with two Azorean friends has emerged, contributing to the development of the sport on the island.

The desire to show to the rest of the world the sweeping landscapes that I have the pleasure of admiring every day contributed to developing the hobby of photography.

In addition to capturing images of this true paradise on earth, we (me and my husband) have taken self-portraits in more than 300 hearts scattered around the island, painted by the artist Yves Decoster.

These hearts bring much more love to the Azores and in every portrait that we have taken indescribable memories are kept.

When I visit the other islands of the archipelago (Corvo is the only one that I don't know yet), I like the hospitality of those who welcome us and the various accents, all different from island to island.

To wake up with a view of the São Lourenço Bay and socializing at the festivals of Santa Maria, as well as the typical Santa Maria melon flavor;

The "snacking" at the typical bullfights with rope afternoons on Terceira Island;

The stunning Fajãs (supratidal talus-platform geology) of São Jorge, not forgetting to taste the coffee and the clams;

The unique experience of climbing the highest point of Portugal and contemplate the vineyard culture of the Pico island;

Walk on the ashes of the Capelinhos volcano in Faial, followed by a gin in the Peter Sport Cafe overlooking the most colorful marina in the world;

The overnight in one of the several windmills of Graciosa while enjoying their sweets;

Enjoy the wild and untouched beauty of the Flores island, being willing to return to the western group to finish the script of the entire archipelago in the cauldron of Corvo.

Why are we staying here? Because here time passes more slowly and the island is choosing us to stay...

For LOVE I came to the island and for LOVE I continue here...

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